And for somthing else, completely different…

This a collection of some my more recent abstract work.

The first image, “5 Numbers” was a macro of one of my birthday presents by one of my best friends. I have been known to smoke the odd cigar or two in my time so he bought me a packet of 10 Hamlet minatures, then individually rapped each one, all ten of them, with a crisp £5 note.

He could have been a better friend though, and rapped them in £10 notes, but beggers can’t be choosers!! LOL!

Thanks again Cee. 
5 Numbers

This is again, a birthday shot, this time of two balloons with were given to me. I used my 300mm Sigma lense for this one, focusing on the foreground balloon, whilst managing to turn the second into a spectrum of light. The reason fro this is the age number, which I will leave out for the time being, was a hologram, hence the colourful effect. 

This one is called “Party Spectrum”
Party Spectrum

The final image is one taken last night. “Livewire” was acheived by using a 10 second exposure, a street lamp and some waving! You get the idea…
Livewire - Abstract

© nEoPOL 2008 All rights reserved

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2 Responses to “And for somthing else, completely different…”

  1. 1 cannelle14
    October 26, 2008 at 10:45 pm

    No way. No way. I have to take out my camera and find some streetlamps! But you know, yo should stay away from those cigars, or your photography’ll end quicker than I’d like.

  2. October 26, 2008 at 10:49 pm

    Thanks Cannelle, that’s too kind. Though I do like cigar or two! LOL!

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