I have chosen to move this original post from March 2009 to a page, so that it can be updated and accessed with more ease. 

I’ve decided to showcase a broader selection of my work, presenting every hundredth shot, starting here, with Number 1, taken back in June 11th 2005 with my IPAQ rx3000, hence the lower quality.

This was simply a shot of the sunlight beaming through my apple tree.
Apple Tree Sunray

#100 – This image of a University Of Manchester walkway was taken with my Vivitar 3765 on cold morning back in February 2006.

#200 – I actually can’t remember exactly which stretch of motorway we were on at the time that I took this image, but it was clearly sunset on August 5th 2006, and I used my Kodak Z740 at a decidedly fast shutter speed.
Beams @ Dusk

#300 – This was one my early technical attempts at macros using my Kodak, back on May 26th 2007.
Light Bee

Good old Waterloo Place at Manchester University. This is an old favourite on this blog, but I couldn’t exclude it as it does happen to be Number 400 in our list!
Waterloo Place

#500 – This is a shot of the road leading to Ambleside in the Lake District. Taken on August 3rd 2006 with my trusty Kodak Z740.
Lone Cloud

#600 – This one of my personal favorites, taken on 26th July 2008, in Llandudno, North Wales. The first of this list to be taken with my Nikon D40 as well.

#700 – This was taken on the 20th August 2008 in my back garden. Nikon D40, 55mm.

Orange Spring

#800 – This was taken on 25th October 2009 at the Museum Of Science & Industry (MOSI). Nikon D40, 42mm.

Steam Power

#900 – And last but certainly not least, taken 4th August 2011, whist on our Honeymoon.  Stock Ghyll Force, is in Ambleside, The Lake District. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending your viewpoint, this was taken in the midst of a torrential rain storm, so my efforts to achieve a smooth exposure where thwarted. The plus point though is that with all that rain, well it had to go somewhere so the waterfall was flowing beautifully. This is also the first image in this set to be taken with my Nikon D80, thank you!

 Smooth Flow

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