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Candid People By The Coast

Images from the North Coast of England

“Lone Rider All @ Sea” Southport

 Lone Rider All @ Sea

“The Photog” Llandudno

The Photog

“Family Making Way” Llandudno

Family Making Way

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Nature at its’ most artistic

Here are a few images from Cumbria’s Lake District and North Wales. All have been photoshoped but only to a degree. I always try to stick to the rule of not altering a photograph as per its’ content, but am happy to effect the colour, contrast etc. and remove blemishes such as dust or scratches.

“Heaven’s Wrath” Lake Windermere 

 Heaven's Wrath

“Daybreak” Lake Windermere


“Hillside” North Wales


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Who watches the watchers?

I took this set on Saturday morning with a long exposure and no light. The first image is the photo proper. The second is the same image with a zoom blur filter applied, and was a wallpaper I originally created for my desktop. This available to download on Flickr and DeviantART.

The third image is a combination of the wallpaper and an image that CeeQue took of myself at Heysham, last summer. The image of myself was used in my last Flickr Buddy Icon, which was originally combined with my first icon, a negative of my ear…

“Watching Time”
Watching Time

“nEoPOL Wallpaper 2009”
nEoPOL Wallpaper 2009

“nEoPOL Buddy Icon 2009”

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Except “nEoPOL Buddy Icon 2009” © nEoPOL & CeeQue 2008 – 2009 All rights reserved



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the seventh idol comic; remembered


3 images towards the end of this post contain elements of nudity that may be offensive or inappropriate to sensitive readers or children. Please beware, but ALL the images are CGI RENDERS and are in the context of story telling only.


Some of you may remember that in 2006 I began a project called “THE SEVENTH IDOL”. It was primarily an attempt at an online comic but whilst in some ways it was successful, in many others, it wasn’t.


My plan was to create a rendered comic and associated websites etc, and in that way, I learned a lot about website construction, rendering with programs such as Daz 3D and Bryce, as well as becoming members of such online communities as DeviantART and this very site, WordPress.

A little backstory: I’ve been a budding writer since I was 16 and have generally written screen & teleplays, but that have dabbled in many other forms such as short stories, novels, poetry and comic books, and have considered giving songwriting a go to boot!

Journey_Trough_The_Labyrinth_by_nEopolThe 2006 comic had three issues, with the first effectively being a double, but its major flaw that it was too rooted in screenplay writing and plotting, and I could not get my head around the methods of telling the story through a comic, let alone the technical problems of learning new software such as Daz 3D and the highly complex Bryce. Now I’m sure some people would have something to say about Bryce being complicated but to me it was! But I managed to get a few good renders out of it so I was somewhat happy.

 Some of the more obvious drawbacks at the time regarding my Daz 3D work, was the lack of skin textures and other details, aswell as costumes. I hope to showcase some of the improved models and sample clips from the presently abandoned animated version soon.

The comic was made up of several key elements and these were: –

– Background photographs, many of which were taken locally, in Manchester.

Meeting_by_nEopol                3D models and props rendered in Daz 3D








   External environments rendered with Bryce 5 & 6 Falling_by_nEopol










Sky_by_nEopolColouring and lighting using Photoshop & the now defunct Picture IT

After three issues and the resolution of the initial plotline, I put the project on hold and felt that I had learned a lot of  the do’s and don’ts but never really got back into it as I had intended. Life, as it often does, got in the way.


I do very much hope to try this again with the knowledge that I had acquired over the years and was very keen to try animation, which I have tested but still have technical reasons as to why I can’t proceed right now. But here’s a taste of  the original, which for all it’s faults, I must admit, I’m still proud of. Some of the imagery in this issue is in my opinion very good, but the pacing is way to slow and is too dialogue heavy.

 3rd Idol

Better luck next time…

There are more images available on Flickr & DeviantART.


Anyway, here is the first issue for old times sake…



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Back again, gone but not forgotten…

It’s been a few months since my last post but I would first like to thank everyone who has continued to follow my blog, and the hits have just kept coming.

These three images have been selected from my “Flickr Favourites” set on Flickr. These are some early attempts at photoshoping images and are a little different from my prefered, unaltered photography.

The first image, “City View” was taken from my attempt at an online comic, titled “The Seventh Idol”, back in 2006. The main image is of Manchester, and the foreground rendering was done using Daz 3D. The overall mastering of the shot was completed using Photoshop.

I must admit I do really like this image, but the comic was hampered by my lack of knowledge of the comic genre and the lack of computer power and rendering capabilities at the time. I’ve come on a way since then, but this was early days.

City View

The next image is of the Art Asylum’s Classic Enterprise from Star Trek. Taken with my Kodak Z740 against a red velvet curtain, I used the colour replace option to remove it. I then used a star brush for the stars and a couple of lens flares…

Enterprise Version 2

This final image is of the Art Asylum’s Movie Enterprise from Star Trek III. Again taken with my Kodak Z740 against a red velvet curtain, I used the colour replace option to remove it. I then used a star brush for the stars and a couple of lens flares… This was the earlier of the two, hence the cruder nature of the image.

Enterprise - Between TWOK & TSFS

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