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Llandudno over the past 3 years

This is a photo set of Llandudno, North Wales. The images were captured over the past 3 years, spanning 2006 – 2008.

The first is view from the Great Orme, looking out over the Welsh bay…
Ocean View

A high key image of the promenade.
Blurry Crowd

A weary traveller has scaled just one of the peaks looking over the coastal resort.
Climbing Photographer

Another view from the Orme, this time looking back towards the town from severaly miles away.
Long Stot

Sunset on the prom.
Setting In Wales

The railway on the left is one of mode of transport up the Great Orme. It is a cable railway system, which pulls the trains up and down, whist the road will serve as a more conventional method.
Road vs Rail

A more deatled look at the railway lines.
Orme Railway

…and finaly, the engine that drives it. The wheel house is located half way up the Orme, and this cable systemn serves the railway.
Great Orme Railway Cable

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Spotlight On York

Here is proof positive that you do not need a DSLR to take a nice shot. I took this in some quite challenging conditions with my Kodak Z740 back in 2007 at York Minister, England.



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people & passing

This is a collection of images which feature people caught by the camera.

The first is the Albert Dock in Liverpool.
Warm Dock

This is from a set which I call “The Elusive Photographer”

Taken in Manchester, near G-Mex.
The Photographer

Sunset on the promanade at Llandudno, North Wales.
Sunset Over The Bay

This is one of my latest favorites.  The fact that the figure is pin sharp and the world he is looking upon is blury yet somewhat recognisable seems to be a great metaphor for life. Or is it just me! LOL!
The Photographer @ Whimsey

Again, taken at the Albert Dock in Liverpool, this image demonstrates how Health & Safety has even managed to  break it’s way into the  seafareing industry! Also, that the fantastic Radio City tower has just crept in, in the background and is slightly out of focus.
Cool Rigging

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Flames in the shutter

As I may have already intimated, my most successful images to day have been those of fire. So I’ve decided to showcase a selection of images from the “Flames” set from Flickr.

All these images where taken naturally with no post manipulation.

This image is entitled “Cauldron In The Flame”. This was taken at a high shutter speed but low F stop. This image to me, seems to show a figure holding a cauldron or bowl inside a flame.

Cauldron In The Flame

This image is entitled “Horror’s End?”. Again, this was taken at a high shutter speed but low F stop. It seems to clearly depict a image of a man or woman for that matter, seemingly suffering in a ring of fire.

Horrors' End?

This image is entitled “Hell’s Angel” and simply depicts just that in my eyes. Also, it would seem to be a female form, based on the structure and pose. . This was taken at a high shutter speed but low F stop.

Hell's Angel

This image is entitled “Flaming Duck”. This was taken at a high shutter speed but low F stop. This is one of the clearest images that has come out of this set. It lookd remarkably like a cartoon duck.

Flaming Duck

This image is simply entitled “Flames”, and you may have guest it from that, that this was the first image to be posted. It is a much simpler composition and is nothing more that a piece of paper burning, again at a low F stop and hight shutter. You may be able to make out the letter R withing the flame. This has happened at least twice during this set.


And finally, this image, entitled “Flaming Macro!”, has often been seen to have certain sexual connotations, but in all honesty, I didn’t see that until it was pointed out! But now, yes, I can see it. I was more taken with fluidity of the flames and the macro of the fir shot. This was taken at a high shutter speed and a higher F stop.

Flaming Macro!

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